Family Day Care Traveling Storytime – January

January brought with it visits to many Family Day Cares in Chelmsford.  It is always so wonderful to walk into a home and be greeted with excitement and enthusiasm for the storytime ahead.
Image of item   Many children heard the story about Flora and her blanket and listened with anticipation to find out where Flora had lost her blanket.  All the children were so surprised by the ending.

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? was fun to read as the Image of itemchildren heard about different ways of acting at the table!


The Line Up Book, about a boy named Sam who lines up his toys all the way from his room to the kitchen, brought lots of responses from the providers about having a fabulous line of toys throughout the house!

The children got a chance to explore lots of different construction paper shapes after Image of itemlistening to the story Mouse Shapes.  By actually getting to touch and play with shapes, the children made different pictures of trees, cars, snowmen and more.  Having materials that relate directly to a story helps to bring the story alive and allows the children the opportunity to explore some concepts on their own.  I heard several providers say that they were going to cut out some shapes so that the children could explore them at other times.