Family Day Care Traveling Storytime – November

This past month brought more fun and excitement to the Family Day Cares.  As the holiday season began with Thanksgiving and lots of opportunities for families to get together to eat, I began some storytimes with an old favorite called More Spaghetti I Say, about a mouse who loves loves loves to eat spaghetti!  Another favorite this month has been Donald Crews’ book Ten Black Dots.  This book allows the day care providers to extend the story into their program by offering black dots to the children to see what can be made from the dots.  At some of the homes with lots of younger children, this month brought with it a chance for the children to play with the shaker eggs.  Everyone loves the eggs and the sounds they make.  We had fun shaking the eggs and then all trying to stop at the same time, while learning the sign for “stop.”

Here are some books that have been read this past month at different homes.

More Spaghetti, I Say! (Hello Reader, Level 2) by Rita Golden Gelman ...    Image of item   Image of item       Image of item