Find Your Voice: Enter the All-Ages Poetry Slam!

Stuck inside the house but still feeling inspired? Write or share an original poem at the library’s annual poetry slam! Everyone is welcome, no matter your age. Our youngest poet was about 5; our oldest poet spent the evening of her 90th birthday at one of our Slams!

We may not be able to gather in the library this year, but we’ll be getting together on Zoom to share our poetry and, as ever, to vote on our favorite poems read that night!


How to Participate

There will be two categories: one for written submissions, and one for poems read LIVE on Zoom! If you are interested in sending a written submission, please email your poem, its title, and your name to Sara at And if you’d like to participate in or watch the live poetry slam, be sure to sign up here! When you register, please email us with your name and the title of your poem so that we can add it to the program.