Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams

Lizzie and Hope are sisters who have taken care of each other their whole lives.  With a deceased father and a neglectful mother who earns her living as a prostitute the girls were forced to watch out for one another from a young age.  As the older sister, Lizzie has always protected and cared for Hope, but now Lizzie is in the midst of a deep depression which culminates in a suicide attempt.  Hope tries to save Lizzie by solving the puzzle of her emotional decline, but who will protect Hope when she discovers the secrets behind her sister’s sadness.

This is a heart-wrenching/heart-racing novel told through poetry.  I flew through this book.  The reader is aware of what is going on before the lead which makes for an extremely tense reading experience.  The writing is haunting and the characters remain with you long after you’ve finished reading.  If you’re looking for a sad, beautiful, “on-edge” story this is it.

~ Tricia is the teen services librarian at CPL.  She is beyond excited for this long weekend and all it contains—seeing a production of Cabaret, going to the movies, having dinner with neighbors, brunch with family and a whole day of doing nothing.