Happy Birthday, Chelmsford Public Library!

It’s Leap Day!  February 29th only comes once every four years.

This is a strange concept for adults, so I can’t imagine little children understanding what we’re talking about.  When the main library had a major addition built 16 years ago, it reopened on February 29, 2000, so we celebrate the birthday every 4 years.

Image of itemI chose to read I Love Birthdays in the toddler storytime, because it has very simple pictures on a stark, white background.  A large number of children can see the pictures from a distance.  The text is very simple as well.

We added the birthday song to our list of songs and rhymes.  And I told the parents that we were serving C-A-K-E after the storytime if they wished to have some.

Thank you all for your tremendous support of this library over the past 16 years!