June Local Authors Market – Meet Zachary Watson

This post is part of a series introducing the authors that will be participating in our annual Local Authors Market. Read about the authors and then come to meet them and buy their books on Saturday June 24 from 2-4PM at the Main Library.

Zach has over 26 years of life experience and teaches 8th grade Math in Lowell. He has a YouTube channel for his students, “Zach’s Daily Think Share” to teach them the lessons he doesn’t have time for during school. He has a second channel (Just search his name) with all sorts of things including eating challenges with students, origami tutorials, MCAS practice tutorials, car radio sing-alongs, book reviews and one of his students giving him an award-winning haircut. At the end of every video he tells the audience “Stay weird” in efforts to have people appreciate their true, authentic, weird selves. He recently did a Tedx talk on taking steps toward reaching dreams and avoiding the pitfalls of reaching goals. He does workshops for goal setting and you can find more at www.zachwatsonspeaks.wordpress.com.

He has a Bachelor’s in Engineering from UMass Amherst and a Masters in Education from UMass Lowell. Zach proposed to his wife after dating for 93 days and has a mathematical explanation for it. He is an avid hiker, origami specialist and poet. His book, Ideas over Coffee is a collection of 104 ideas he’s learned in the post-college world of personal development. He has completed the curriculum for living with Landmark Worldwide and has read or listened to around 70 books in the past 4 years. “It’s sort of my own textbook for success in life every day.”
About the Book: People are constantly meeting up at their favorite local coffee shop to share stories, share opinions, laughs and ideas. This book was inspired by what I constantly found myself sharing with others, whether it was coaching to a friend, advice for a student or simply something I couldn’t wait share with my wife for pillow talk. As I’ve gotten feedback on these ideas, many people have loved them and I have loved sharing them. These ideas have helped me flip conventional wisdom I’ve taken over the years, and brought me to living and leading rather than surviving and following. What idea will dump some of the conventions you didn’t know you could leave, and try new thoughts, take new actions and live a new experience? While Zach will be unable to attend on Saturday, he will be sending a video and some of his books for purchase.