Library’s Phone System Update

This month the library updated its phone system – and the transition went fairly smoothly. The previous system was over 10 years old and out of warranty.

With a new system comes some changes though. For one thing, all library extensions are four-digits now – the same three digit extensions as before but with a 1 in front of them. For instance, Director Becky Herrmann can be reached at x1101 now, instead of x101.

A few of the menu options on the main greeting have changed too, to hopefully make it easier to get you to the right department quickly. The full text of the new greeting is:

Thank you for calling the Chelmsford Library. Please listen carefully, as our menu options and extensions have changed.

For a staff directory, press 2.

To request a book, room reservation, museum pass, or for general questions, press 3.

For the children’s room, press 4.

For the front desk, press 5.

For the MacKay Branch, press 6.

For the director’s office, press 7.

For library hours, press 8.

For all other questions, press 0, or remain on the library and your call will be transferred to the Reference Desk.

Thank you for calling the Library.

We’ve also updated the website’s Contact Us page with the new extensions. We can still be reached by email at and of course by visiting the library in person. Please let us know if you have any questions or notice anything we missed!