New Library RSS Feeds Available!

RSS iconLibrary patrons can now receive feeds from the book lists in our Reading Room via RSS!

Over 40 feeds are available, offering the New York Times best sellers lists, Staff Picks, Award Winners, and much more, all in your RSS reader. All of the feeds are listed on our Available CPL RSS Feeds page, with shortcut links to add them to popular feed readers.

Don’t know what RSS is?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows updates to web pages, such as news, events, or book lists, to be sent to you, automatically, instead of you having to visit all those web pages to get the latest information. Kind of like reading new email in your inbox, RSS feeds are collected and read in an RSS reader, such as Bloglines, Yahoo! or Google Reader (or any number of other readers). Also, some of the new internet browsers (Firefox, IE7, Safari) can read RSS feeds, too.

This blog also has a feed, as do the other CPL blogs (all feed links are on the Available CPL RSS Feeds page). When you’re on a webpage, look for an RSS (RSS Feed icon) or XML (XML Feed icon) icon to grab the feed.

If you have questions about these new RSS feeds from the library, or need help setting up a reader or accessing these library feeds, please contact the Reference Desk.
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