2.8 Computer Use Policy

Computers are provided to enhance the mission of the Chelmsford Public Library. This policy sets out appropriate use of the Library public computers in order to ensure the maximum library-related use of limited numbers of public computers, to prevent damage to library computing resources, and to provide guidelines for use. Rights and Responsibilities: Computers and … Continue reading 2.8 Computer Use Policy


Chelmsford Public Library is committed to making library services accessible for all our users. Main Library Handicapped Access The Main Library is fully handicapped-accessible. This includes access to all areas of the building, and all collections and resources. MacKay Library Handicapped Access The MacKay Branch is wheelchair-accessible to the first floor. This includes the following … Continue reading Accessibility

Bibliobites in February: Bake, Boil, Simmer, Stew, Stir……

……and enjoy!Β  This month, instead of focusing on a specific title, we all participated in a “cooking challenge.”Β  The idea was to make something you’d never tried before, either because it was too time-consuming, too intimidating, or too unfamiliar.Β Β  Everyone seemed to enjoy their adventures in the kitchen and it was fun to hear about … Continue reading Bibliobites in February: Bake, Boil, Simmer, Stew, Stir……

Bibliobites-Trying Something New for June

Due to the ongoing pandemic and limited library service, this month the group members challenged each other to try to cook something new, difficult, or out of our comfort zone. Those present approached the situation from many different vantage points. One member chose to make a Chocolate Biscuit Cake for her husband’s birthday. The recipe … Continue reading Bibliobites-Trying Something New for June

Book Discussion – Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman

The second meeting of our two Bibliobites groups discussed Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman.   People in general enjoyed the book, and we were impressed with how many recipes people made from it.Β  Many seemed to enjoy the author’s way of writing (with the long head-notes), though some thought it was a bit much.Β  One … Continue reading Book Discussion – Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman

Bibliobites in January: V is for Vegan

When you hear the word “vegan,” what comes to mind?Β  Do you picture that old stereotype of an aging hippie hunched over a bowl of brown rice and vegetables?Β  Or do you imagine Brooklyn hipstersΒ  scarfing down kale chips at a trendy bistro?Β  Maybe it’s Tom Brady you think of, who credits an almost-vegan diet … Continue reading Bibliobites in January: V is for Vegan