Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Book Reviews by Rebecca Driscoll

lightningthief1The Lightning Thief (Rating: The Best!! I definitely would recommend it to others.)  Percy Jackson is 12 and not normal in any way.  When he finds out he’s a halfblood (half Oympian half man) and now monsters are everywhere!  Go with Percy on a quest of a lifetime through plots and twists.seaofmonsters1

The Sea of Monsters (Rating: The Best!! I definitely would recommend it to others.)  When Grover, Percy’s best friend, goes missing Percy is worried sick but dreams: no way!  Percy’s dreams are now about Grover with a Cyclops.

titanscurseThe Titan’s Curse (Rating: Good. Enjoyed it, but not one of my favorites.)  Titans are coming back and Percy has got to stop them.  Goes out of camp without permission and now is on a hunt for his friends!

The Battle of the Labyrinth (Rating: The Best!! I definitely would battleofthelabyrinthrecommend it to others.)  Percy’s friend Grover is still looking for the god Pan and they are lost in a maze–a labyrinth!  Have a fun time riding through tunnels of thrilling terror and roller coasters of excitement.

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