Preschool books on Monday, April 25

I opened this storytime with the book BoingboingI asked the children what kinds of animals could jump.  One child said a rabbit, one said a frog and one said a kangaroo.  They were all correct, and each of those animals is in the story.  The animals helped the joey (baby kangaroo) learn how to jump.  And the children joined in.  That was a lot of boing for the beginning of a storytime!  We had to follow up with the rhyme 3 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

Image of itemAfter so much jumping, I kept the children on their feet and invited them to come up to the book to help me.  This is an interactive book that I’ve read before.  Lots of magic things happen when dots are pressed and rubbed.  Everyone had a turn.


There are Cats in this Book is a very active story, Image of itembut this time I did the action and gave the children a rest.



I was Image of itemso happy that we had sunny weather on a Monday storytime.  It’s been cold and gloomy so far this spring.  I read Wake Up, It’s Spring!