Preschool books on Monday, November 24

Becky Herrmann, our library director, was once a children’s librarian.  She shared with me that she often read The Relatives Came by Cynthia Ryland, illustrated by Stephen Gammell as a Thanksgiving story.  The story takes place in the summer, but it is about a family gathering with lots and lots of hugs and food.  I have continued that tradition.
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The Firefighters’ Thanksgiving is full of drama.  There are a number of fires that need to be fought on Thanksgiving.  One firefighter gets injured, and the dinner never gets made.  Grateful residents make dinner for them, and the injured firefighter is on the mend by the end of the story.  I read this at a Dads and Donuts storytime a couple of years ago.  There was a firefighter in the room with his young children.  Although he said that Chelmsford does not have more than one fire at a time, that was the year of the ice storm and Hurricane Irene.  Firefighters were very busy in town then.

When reading The Perfect Thanksgiving, it is easy for me to sympathize with the family that is not perfect.  I try not to let that come out in my voice, however, because the message of this book is that the way the 2 families are alike is “in just how loving our different families are.”  Both of them deserve respect.
Image of itemSpeaking of gatherings that may not be perfect, This is the Turkey has a food disaster in the middle.  Everyone makes the best of things.  There is plenty of food for everyone.  Max comments at the end of the story, “I bet we had the best Thanksgiving yet!”

So whether you are traveling to someone’s home, hosting a big dinner yourself, or just relaxing, have a very Happy Thanksgiving.  ~Maureen