Proper Care & Feeding of Books

BookWe love our books,
And we know you do too.
We’re sure you want to
take good care of them –
here’s what to do:


  • Take a paperback to the beach (hardcovers don’t like the sand)
  • Use a thin, flat bookmark, like a checkout receipt, phone message, love note or bill, or even one of our bookmarks; everything else – like paperclips, straws, crackers, pens or even those pretty beaded or ribbon bookmarks you get at the bookstore – can damage the pages or binding
  • Make notes in your diary, blog or on scrap paper (but please, not in the book)
  • Keep books dry (even a little bit of moisture can make a lot of mold)
  • Enjoy a snack or drink while reading (but be careful not to spill)
  • Make copies or scans of a page or two, if you need it (don’t cut or rip the page out)
  • Renew it, or bring it back on time (so someone else can love it, too)

Sorry, here’s one DON’T:

  • DON’T fold the corner down to mark your page, even once – eventually the corner will fall off, even if it was only folded down once.

These DOs and a DON’T will ensure that we can all love our books for years to come.

These guidelines, along with the Proper Care & Feeding of DVDs, are also available for printing as a bookmark [pdf, 90kb].