Public Fax Machine

fax24 machineThe library now has a fax machine available for public use.

Due to the large number of requests for a fax service, the library has contracted with a vendor called Televend Services to install a fax machine on the main level of the library. It is located next to the self-checkout machines, across from the Circulation Desk.

Best of all, the fax machine is self-sufficient and very easy to use. Instructions are provided on the machine itself, and also through the handset. All a patron needs to do pick up the receiver and following the voice prompts to send their fax.

The prices for sending a fax are $1.50 for the first page and $1.00 for any additional pages (for domestic faxes – additional rates will apply for international faxes). The fax machine does not accept cash – only credit and debit cards – and provides a confirmation receipt with every successfully sent fax.

More information about the fax and other office-type services offered in the library is available on the library’s website.