Raven Summer by David Almond

How smitten am I with David Almond’s books?

Let’s see…

1.  I drove to a children’s literature conference in Toronto for an opportunity to hear him speak.

2. I will read everything he publishes.

3. He is tied with Roald Dahl in the standings for my favorite children’s author.

4. I have very high expectations for every book of his I read and I have never been disappointed–this includes, Raven Summer.

While out walking with a friend, fourteen-year-old Liam follows a raven that leads him to an abandoned infant.  After discovering the foundling, Liam’s life begins to change.  He meets two foster children who profoundly affect his view of violence and war, as well as his relationships with family and friends.

~ Tricia is CPL’s Teen Librarian.  She is really excited to see the conclusion of Ponyo this afternoon at Anime Club.