Read This Next…Notes from the Reader’s Advisory Team

With a whole library of titles to choose from, sometimes it is hard to decide what to read next.  Everyone has a different method of searching out their next title, whether it be browsing the stacks, asking friends for recommendations, or reading the latest book reviews.  But did you know that CPL’s Reader’s Advisory team can help?  Jessica and Deanna have created some tools that might aid you in your search, both in the library and on the website.

In the Library:

Displays:  Adjacent to the fiction stacks, you will find several themed displays. We like to mix newer books with older titles from the stacks. Currently we have themes like “Spy Thrillers”, “Solving Crime With Your (Furry) Best Friend”, “Nigerian Authors”, and “School Daze”.  Check back often as we like to rotate themes every few weeks to keep things fresh and interesting.  We have also just added a few of our personal favorites to the Reader’s Advisory desk – if you see one of us sitting there, please say hello!

Shelftalkers:  We realize that sometimes you are browsing the shelves for new books by your favorite authors, but alas, they are checked out just when you want them.  We have created “While You Are Waiting” shelf-talkers, to give you some read-alike suggestions in the meantime. Find them around such authors as Louise Penny (shown), Kristin Hannah, Michael Connolly, Lee Child, and many more.



Bookmarks: Along the same lines as the shelf-talkers, we have created bookmarks for the hottest new titles with suggestions for reading while you wait.  We also have bookmarks for the latest titles in Oprah’s Book Club, Reese’s Book Club, and the Today Show Book Club with Jenna.  For those that like a nonfiction title now and then, we have some suggestions there too – from reading on How To Be an Antiracist to the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Vote.  Feel free to take one with you, whether it is to explore our suggestions or just to mark your place!


On our website:

Reading Room Blog:  Well, if you are reading this, I guess you already know about our blog!  We have recently revamped it, however, with regular weekly posts and new topics.  You can hear about our While You Are Waiting suggestions (can you sense a theme with this?), be introduced to the Real Librarians of Chelmsford, learn about the hottest new titles in Bookmarked or Friday Fiction, and discover what we have to say in our catchall Read This Next entry.  You will even sometimes find enticing, recipe-filled entries from our Bibliobites Book Group.

Bookmarked: Check out this short show on CTM TV, in which your intrepid Reader’s Advisory librarians talk about some of the new books that they have read or are anticipating reading.  In the latest edition, we talk about books of the gothic persuasion, just in time for Halloween.



Book Groups: CPL has a book group for almost everyone – fiction readers, cooks, and knitters.  Currently, the groups are meeting monthly via Zoom, but we are all looking forward to the time when we can meet in person again.  Each of these groups meets at a set day and time every month, which we realize does not suit everyone’s schedule, so keep reading to learn about our new Classics Online Book Group!

Our New Book Group: We had a few goals in mind when creating the Classics Online Book Group.  One is to give people the opportunity to participate in spirited book discussion from the comfort and safety of their own homes.  Another is an acknowledgement that we   don’t all have schedules that can easily accommodate a book group at a set time, so we have created a book group you can attend on your time.  Lastly, we were talking about the classics – the ones we have read and the ones that we should have read – and figured that we were not alone in wanting to expand our literary education.  Our first selection will be To Kill a Mockingbird – watch our Facebook page and the website for details!

Bookwise: If all this sounds great, but you want something more personalized to you, then check out Bookwise.  As librarians, we are all avid readers and love to help people find something to read.  This page is a place where we tell you what we like to read and what we are currently reading. If you see that someone has similar taste, or if you want to explore something new, we invite you to contact any one of us for reading suggestions.

So, come on into the library or check out all of our online tools on the READ IT tab – either way, we are happy to find ways to match you with your next great read!