Read This Next: Quick Reading Request Form

We know it can be hard for some people to be limited in the amount of time they have to browse the shelves and read new books in the library. But did you know that we have a quick online form that you can fill out to receive a list of new reading suggestions from real librarians at the library? The lists we send you will be full of books we’ve enjoyed that might appeal to you, based on your answers to a few simple questions. If you’d like to try the service, visit our Bookwise page and click on the link for the virtual request form.

Here are a few examples of books we’ve recommended so far:

Person one:

  • Category: New novel/ Bestseller, Fantasy, Upbeat/ Romance



Person two:



Person 3:

  • Category: New novel/ Bestseller, Historical fiction
  • Additional info: I’ve loved the fast reads, also short story collections. I love fiction that helps me realize some one else’s plight – makes it real for me.



Person 4:

  • Category: New novel/ Bestseller, Mystery/Thriller, Historical fiction
  • Additional info: I like all kinds of mystery and thrillers, so I am always looking for something new to try; I also like historical mysteries or fiction (or both!)




See? It’s just that easy – give our form a try next time you’re online!