Give a book to a young child

When a relative/friend asks what your child

would like for a gift, suggest a book.


We have a list of our favorite picture books this year, but many of them are for school age children.  The following are some of our favorites for young children:

Image of item
A wordless book of a child’s journey home.  Look carefully at all the “treasures” she finds and shares.



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Such a soft, gentle and deceptively simple book….

Great for bedtime.


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This book has a limited vocabulary.
On its surface, it teaches opposites.
But each opposite has such interesting illustrations, that stories can be imagined on every page.




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I hope that it is not a spoiler to tell you that this is a great book about brothers.




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The Napping House was published in 1984!  It’s been a great favorite every since.  This year brought a sequel to settle down a restless household at night.