Reality Check by Peter Abrahams


Cody is the star QB of his high school football team and because of this he has bright prospects for his future–even though he’s never been that great of a student.

He’s also in love with an amazing girl named Clea.

Cody’s world comes crashing down when Clea’s father sends her to boarding school to separate her from Cody.  Trying to do the right thing, Cody breaks up with Clea before she leaves, so that nothing from her past life (including himself) will be able to hold her back.  To add insult to injury, Cody blows out his knee at the beginning of his junior year and all his hopes of attending college on a football scholarship disappear.

After giving up on ever escaping his hometown, Cody receives a letter from Clea and then discovers that she’s gone missing from her Vermont prep school.  Cody leaves home, drives to Vermont, and starts his own search for Clea.  How far will he have to go to find her?