Taking Off by Jenny Moss

Annie Porter is in her senior year of high school in Clear Lake, Texas.  She is content with the status quo–fun best friend, sweet boyfriend, nights spent watching TV and eating chips.  Annie has no idea what to do when she graduates.  She harbors a secret desire to become a poet, but doesn’t dare to consider that a viable option until she meets Christa McAuliffe.  Annie is immediately taken with this gifted teacher who is training to go into space.  Annie realizes that if Christa is able to realize such an immense dream then she can give herself permission to hope and work for more in own life.

Taking Off contains some of my favorite elements in teen literature–road trips, life-defining moments, and discovering the person you want to become.

Happy Reading!

~ Tricia is the teen librarian at CPL and is checking out some summer-themed books to keep her spirits up this snowy spring weekend.