Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  It is a time for gathering with family and friends, for turkey and pumpkin pie, and for thinking about all of things that make us feel thankful.  In that spirit, we here at the library wanted to share some of the books and authors that fill us with gratitude:

Vickie: “I’m thankful for Quiet: The Power of Introverts In a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. I didn’t think of myself as a real introvert because I’ve never been very shy. Now I know the difference and understand my working and social styles better, and also understand extroverts more. I’m also thankful for Christmas movies. They are a great chance to get family together during hectic times to enjoy old favorites. Some of ours are The Santa Clause, The Muppet Christmas Carol and the musical, Scrooge, with Albert Finney.”


Deanna: “If I had to pick amongst all of my favorites, I would say I am most grateful for Jane Austen.  Not just for her wonderful stories (Persuasion being my favorite), but because she was the catalyst for an almost 30-year friendship that is very important to me.  Austen brought us together, and for that I am always thankful.”

Maria: “I am thankful for my cookbooks. There is one that I refer to often to make a delicious tofu scramble, Everyday Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon .”

Becky:  “One book that I am thankful for is Sunday Suppers at Lucques by James Beard award winner Suzanne Goin. It is a collection of seasonal recipes based on what is available at the market and served at informal suppers at the acclaimed restaurant Lucques in Los Angeles. This book was the way I got to know my neighbor better. We spent one winter together cooking through its contents. We would pour through the book, weighing our recipe options, choose a few recipes to try each weekend, and then take turns shopping and creating a cocktail to go with each meal.  Whether it was a lamb osso bucco, yellow tomato gazpacho, braised short ribs, wild salmon salad, or bagna cauda vegetables,  the recipes were always just challenging enough to take up an afternoon. The meals were delicious and satisfying and the company even better. It was a great way to grow a friendship; I highly recommend both the experience and the cookbook!”

Marty: “I am thankful for the book Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena, illustrated by Christian Robinson, because it always makes me feel good when I read it. I love the gentle ways Nana interacts with CJ, I love the illustrations, and overall think it is a beautiful story that everyone should read at least once, no matter their age.”

Heidi: “Anything by Shel Silverstein because I love his turn of phrase and he made me appreciate the beauty of poetry.”




Mike:  “I’m thankful for Brad Thor and Ben Coes (who is from Wellesley) whose thrillers have kept me away from the food in the kitchen!!”

Danny: “The Hobbit, because it was the first book I fell in love with.”

Lisa: “I am thankful for many authors, a few of which are Ruta Sepetys, Jacqueline Winspear, Stephen King, and Laurie Frankel“.

Jess: “The children’s books of Roald Dahl and the iconic accompanying illustrations by Quentin Blake. Though later I learned of some of the controversies around his personal views, as a child, I devoured his fantastical stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Matilda. The stories helped children feel seen, and took their fears and joys seriously. They celebrated the importance of imagination, and they were the first “big books” I was able to read on my own, so they made me into a reader.”


Laura: “One book that I have returned to many times over the years is Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s DreamsThis book was gifted to me by a friend and continuously reminds me that time is a fluid human construction, memory is malleable, and imagination is freeing. I am grateful for the way that this book has challenged my thinking and lifted me up when I was feeling lonely.”

Eileen: “I have always been an avid reader and something I am thankful for is the feeling of glee I experience when anticipating a new title from a favorite author. There are authors that I request immediately upon seeing an upcoming release: Lydia Millet, Lauren Groff,A.M. Homes, Aimee Bender, and Alan Bradley to name just a few. Even when a title doesn’t meet my expectations, I am usually newly impressed by the skill and nuance of these and so many more talented writers.”

For some of us (who am I kidding – for all of us!), it was hard to narrow down to one or two titles.  See the list below of other books and authors for which we are thankful.

And, in case we haven’t said it lately, we are thankful for all of our CPL patrons!  We wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!