That’s Funny: Humorous Books on a Variety of Topics

I don’t know about you, but I could use a good laugh today. No matter where you get your news – newspaper, TV or Internet – not much of it is good (the Red Sox notwithstanding) and certainly not likely to make you laugh (though you can always try skipping the front page of the paper and going right to the funnies.) School is back in session and the kids have lost their senses of humor. Only Mother Nature is in a joking mood, and she finds it hysterical to send the mercury from one end of the thermometer to the other, often in the course of a single day. If you’re in need of a chuckle like I am, the Library is here to help.

Start with a well known humorist or comedian: Dave Barry’s history of the millennium (so far) (Dave Barry), Insanity defense : the complete prose (Woody Allen), There’s nothing in this book that I meant to say (Paula Poundstone), Out of my mind (Andy Rooney), Real men don’t apologize (Jim Belushi).

Find humor in the everyday: Way off the road : discovering the peculiar charms of small-town America (Bill Geist), 50 bosses worse than yours (Justin Racz), House of testosterone : one Mom’s survival in a household of males (Sharon O’Donnell).

Perhaps you’d prefer some timely political humor: I am America (and so can you!) (Stephen Colbert), Unusually stupid politicians : Washington’s weak in review (Kathryn & Ross Petras), Remarkable Millard Fillmore : the unbelievable life of a forgotten president (George Pendle).

If the relatives have you down, lighten up with some family humor: I [love] my in-laws : falling in love with his family, one passive-aggressive, over-indulgent, grandkid-craving, Streisand-loving, Bible-thumping in-law at a time (Dina K. Poch), Mom loves me best : and other lies you told your sister (Linda Sunshine), You never call! You never write! : a history of the Jewish mother (Joyce Antler).

Reconnect with a comic strip favorite (Garfield (Jim Davis), Calvin & Hobbes (Bill Watterson), Dilbert (Scott Adams)), or try some of the new comix in Attitude, v. 1, 2 & 3: new subversive…cartoonists. Take a look at the hilarious and odd Rejection collection : cartoons you never saw, and never will see, in the New Yorker (New Yorker).

Or try one of these funny takes on “regular” topics like self-improvement: Faking it : how to seem like a better person without actually improving yourself (Ethan Trex), Who moved my secret? : the ancient wisdom that tells you it’s ok to be greedy (a parody) (Jim Gerard); sports: Andy Roddick beat me with a frying pan (Todd Gallagher); rock’n’roll: Mom, have you seen my leather pants? : the tale of a teen rock wannabe that almost was (Craig A. Williams); and the uncategorized: Ant farm : and other desperate situations (Simon Rich), 1001 things to do if you dare (Ben Masilow).

And these are just the books! We also have DVDs, videotapes and CDs of comedians and comedy films. So the next time you need a laugh, come by and see us, because there’s definitely something funny about the library.

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