The Batboy by Mike Lupica

If you like books with great sports writing, schmaltzy endings, and regular kids in extraordinary situations, then you should definitely read The Batboy.

Brian loves baseball, even though his big league father left him and his mom because of it.  Now 14-year-old Brian has the ultimate summer job as a batboy for the Detroit Tigers.  Life gets complicated when his favorite player joins the team.  Hank Bishop has just served a suspension for steroid use and appears to have little patience or passion for the game of baseball or for his biggest fan, Brian.

This is a great novel with two layers.  In the first storyline Brian is working at Comerica Park in a position any sports fan would envy.  The second thread follows Brian and his best friend Kenny in their own season of baseball, which is presented in a way that makes it just as exciting as the plot happening in the majors.

A wonderful story.

~ Tricia is CPL’s teen librarian, who loves the over-the-top endings in (most) sports books and movies.