The Human Library: UNjudge Someone!

On Saturday June 8th, beginning at 10 am, the Chelmsford Library is hosting a Human Library event. Human libraries promote tolerance and understanding, are a celebration of diversity, and challenge stereotypes and assumptions. A Human Library encourages people from different backgrounds and experiences to learn about and from one another. Come have a conversation with our Human Books, volunteers from our community and beyond, who will be available to share stories about their life experiences.

Register to have a chance to ask questions of, and have a conversation with:
  • A Veteran with PTSD
  • A Woman with Bipolar Disorder
  • An Exoneree, wrongly incarcerated for 19 years, finally freed on DNA evidence
  • A Drag Queen
  • A Transgender Male
  • A Local Journalist
  • An Entrepreneur and Craft Brewer
  • A Gun Owner
  • A Muslim Man

Visit the Human Library Organization’s website to learn more about the project.

The goal of the Human Library is to challenge discrimination and prejudice by allowing our community to learn about the life experiences of those around them, encouraging a culture of diversity.

If you’d like to be a Book, sign up to share your story!