The Stand

A deadly virus known as Captain Trips is tearing its way across America killing almost everyone it touches.  The survivors of this government-created plague find themselves drawn towards a Nebraska cornfield and the forces of good while their counterparts assemble in the desert to carry out the whims of Randall Flagg–a mysterious man who is evil incarnate.  This epic tale of the apocalypse has been translated into a series of graphic novels with a script by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, art by Mike Perkins and color art by Laura Martin.

The Stand is my favorite novel and I was hesitant to see it adapted to another format, but my fears were completely unfounded.  This is a wonderful way to rediscover a great story.  Although strong enough to stand completely on its own, it has the potential to act as an introduction to readers who are unfamiliar with the story or intimidated by the novel’s doorstop size.

~ Tricia is the teen services librarian at CPL.  She is excited and slightly overwhelmed by all the boxes of new graphic novels and manga currently pouring into the library.