Three new novels with “heart”

Here are three new novels that not only proclaim heart through their titles, but whose stories relay profoundly affecting experiences that you will not soon forget.

Image of itemYour heart is a muscle the size of a fist, Sunil Yapa

Seven characters struggle in the midst the Seattle protests in 1999, each representing a different aspect of the politics, corruption and will that marked the debate at the time.

Image of itemWhere my heart used to beat, Sebastian Faulks:

Robert, a British doctor haunted by World War II memories, agrees to write a biography of a renowned specialist in memory loss who possesses unsettling knowledge of Robert’s past.

Image of itemOnly love can break your heart, Ed Tarkington

Struggling to come to terms with the worshiped older brother who disappeared seven years earlier, fifteen-year-old Rocky is seduced by a wealthy older girl in the wake of a mysterious double murder that forces the town to confront past misdeeds.