‘Tis the Season for Binging!

Would you like nothing better than to just curl up under a blanket this weekend and binge on some great movies? Check out a Binge Box and make it happen!

Binge Boxes contain six DVDs related to a single theme – 80s movies, Boston movies, chick flicks, etc. The included movies are listed on the outside of the box and in the catalog. We’ll keep adding more to the catalog as we collect more movies, but if you have suggestions for binging, please let us know. The current list of Binge Boxes is:

  • Quentin Tarantino
    Contains: Hateful Eight — Jackie Brown — Kill Bill Vol. 1 — Kill Bill Vol. 2 — Pulp Fiction — Reservoir Dogs
  • Chick Flicks
    Contains: Bridesmaids — Steel Magnolias — Sleepless in Seattle — When Harry Met Sally — My Big Fat Greek Wedding — Bridges of Madison County
  • ’80s Classics
    Contains: Breakfast Club — Caddyshack — Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — Pretty in Pink — Sixteen Candles — Trading Places
  • Mass Movies
    Contains: Civil Action — Fighter — Glory — Good Will Hunting — Jaws — Mystic River
  • Merry Christmas
    Contains: Christmas Story — Scrooge (1970) — National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation — Elf — The Santa Clause — White Christmas
  • Scary Funny
    Contains: American Werewolf in London — Cabin in the Woods — Gremlins — Scream — Shaun of the Dead — Zombieland
  • Inspiring Athletes
    Contains: Blind Side — Chariots of Fire — Cool Runnings — Hoosiers — Miracle — Rudy

Binge Boxes circulate for 1 week, can be requested, but cannot be renewed, and patrons are limited to one box at a time.