Toddler book on Monday, February 1

dinosaursI chose a book about dinosaurs today.  I love the author of this book, Byron Barton.  He tells simple stories with bold illustrations.
This story starts, “A long time ago there were dinosaurs.”  The explanations are general enough to stand the test of time.  “There were dinosaurs with horns and dinosaurs with spikes.”
Dinosaur books in the library need to be updated frequently.  I’m old enough to remember when the most popular dinosaur was the brontosaurus – until we learned there was no such thing.  Just when you think your child knows everything about T-Rex, scientists unearth more fossil evidence, and assumptions change.
Dinosaur books with real information can be found in our non-fiction section.  The Dewey Decimal number is 567.9  We also have books in our non-fiction Easy Reader section with the same Dewey number.

We used to have hard, plastic dinosaurs in the children’s room.  I am sorry to say that they were not well behaved.  We put them away and only take them out for Stay and Play on Tuesday mornings at 10:00.  That program is perfect for toddlers.