Toddler books on Monday, November 24

It’s never too young to reinforce good manners…

I read Pass the Cheese, Please by Barbara Shook Hazen, illustarted by Paul Harvey.  There is no copy of this book in any of the surrounding libraries, so please feel free to ask someone at the children’s desk to get the Big Book we use for storytimes.  This book stays in the library.

I will give you a sample of the polite mice in the book.  It would be a stretch to call it a story.  It really just teaches manners.

“Polite mice are always fair.  They pass the food and like to share.”
“They eat nicely at the table.  They help as much as they are able.”
“When polite mice ask for cheese they always say, ‘May I please?'”

We also read My Car by Byron Barton.  Image of item

I wish everyone safe travels if you are gathering at someone else’s home.  And best of luck if you are hosting.

Happy Thanksgiving!  ~Maureen