Toddler Storytime, Friday, October 21

There was a lot of great energy in the room today and we enjoyed a wonderful time together.  One of the things that made today’s storytime so much fun was the high participation from the grownups in the room.  So many people joined in singing the songs, doing the fingerplays and performing the different actions that go with some of the songs.  When your children see that you are joining in and having fun, it leads them to also join in and see that you are both enjoying the time together.  In addition, the children are hearing all the rhymes, repetitions and sounds that continue to help make literacy connections that will serve them well in the future.

Today’s story was a great story to join in on and help to read.  It is a book by Denise Fleming called SHOUT! Shout it out!  The author encourages all readers to shout it out while learning basic concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, animals and more.  How often is your little one asked to SHOUT!  It was a fun story read/shouted by everyone today!

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