Windows 10 at the Chelmsford Library

IMG_1370The computers at the library are getting a makeover! All of the public computers on the lower level of the library will soon be upgraded with Windows 10 and Office 2016. A few of the computers have already received the upgrade, so the next time you are in, check for the little blue star (pictured right) which identifies the upgraded computers, (or avoid them for now if you are not ready for the switch!)

Windows 10 is available to many home customers as well. If you have not already encountered it, it is similar to Windows 7, with a Start menu and traditional file structure, but includes many of the features that were introduced with Windows 8, such as dynamic app tiles and touch screen capability. The new Windows 10 operating system also has many new features, like Universal apps that can be accessed and used across multiple Windows-based devices, and a new task management system that includes Task View and the ability to create virtual desktops.

If this sounds a bit daunting, or if you would simply like an introduction and a little more information about the new features, join us for our next Tech Talk on Wednesday, June 22, from 10-12 in the library conference room. A few of our librarians also take appointments for computer help; just call 978-256-5521 x211. For a more self-directed learning experience, check out the tutorials available online at This independent educational website contains a wide variety of resources for tech learning, including a section on Windows 10 and the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite.