Friday Fiction

Friday Fiction is more of a book share than a book group. Every other month, Library staff give brief reviews of recent and recommended titles to the group, and then ask the members to share what they have been reading too. Meetings often have a seasonal theme, but there is always something for everyone.

Friday Fiction meets by the fireplace in the Main Library.

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  • STRONGER Characters (3/31/2017) - Stronger characters is the reading theme this month, so at our last Friday Fiction meeting, Vickie and I highlighted some intriguing biography and memoir titles, and absorbing character-driven fiction. In A Separation, a recently separated woman suddenly finds herself in pursuit of her husband on the southern coast of Greece in an introspective and thoroughly … Continue reading STRONGER Characters
  • Friday Fiction Midwinter list (1/26/2017) - The Midwinter Friday Fiction list is, admittedly, a little darker in tone than usual: There are suspense titles featuring anxiety ridden Londoners (Her Every Fear) and violence obsessed teens (The Female of the Species). A few politically charged titles featuring hopeful migrants (Exit West, Salt to the Sea) and jaded expats (The Refugees). And some … Continue reading Friday Fiction Midwinter list
  • Friday Fiction: Too Much Turkey edition (11/23/2016) - Enjoy your dinner – and try to tolerate your relatives – this Holiday season. If you’re lucky enough to have some time off over the holidays, then you might need something to read. Here are a few new books from different genres we think you’ll enjoy. To view the full list of over 20 titles … Continue reading Friday Fiction: Too Much Turkey edition

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