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Great Podcasts for Kids (3/28/2018) - What are podcasts? Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device. (Despite the name, you don’t need an iPod to listen!) They are often produced as series to which listeners can subscribe to automatically download new episodes. Who listens to podcasts? Podcasts are made on a variety of topics for all … Continue reading Great Podcasts for Kids
Local Author Visit: Jen Petro-Roy (2/10/2018) - The Library was so excited to have our former Teen Librarian, Jen Petro-Roy, return to the library for a visit as a published author!  Jen spoke about the inspiration behind her debut novel, P.S. I Miss You, her writing process, and her path to publication. If you missed Jen’s talk, check out her upcoming scheduled … Continue reading Local Author Visit: Jen Petro-Roy
Best Picture Books & Middle Grade Fiction 2017 (12/26/2017) - With the end of the year approaching “Best of…” lists are popping up everywhere. Have you read these Best Picture Books of 2017? (Click the link to see the list in our catalog.) One of my personal favorites was written by famed author of The Day the Crayons Quit, Drew Daywalt. The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors … Continue reading Best Picture Books & Middle Grade Fiction 2017
Read With Your Child! (10/17/2017) - Visit the library and borrow a book or two!
Talk With Your Child! (10/10/2017) - Before you read a book to your child, look at the cover together and ask your child what he/she thinks the book might be about.
Play With Your Child! (10/3/2017) - While playing with different toys, describe how they feel, what they look like and sounds that they make.
Sing With Your Child! (9/26/2017) - Expose your child to nursery rhymes and other traditional children’s songs and finger plays.
Write With Your Child! (9/12/2017) - Have plastic or wooden alphabet letters available for your child to explore!
Read With Your Child! (9/5/2017) - Try to read one to one with your child every day.
Play With Your Child! (8/22/2017) - Find a way to bring a book “to life.” For example, go shopping for foods from The Very Hungry Caterpillar or make a dog puppet after reading Clifford, the Big Red Dog.
Sing With Your Child! (8/15/2017) - Sing songs that have accompanying hand movements. For example-“Wheels on the Bus” and “I’m a Little Teapot.”
Write With Your Child! (8/8/2017) - Help your child “write a letter” to someone and actually mail it.
Read With Your Child! (8/1/2017) - Encourage your child to read or pretend to read a book to a favorite stuffed animal.
Talk With Your Child! (7/25/2017) - Enourage your child to use words to resolve conflicts and think through problems.
Hatch the Chicks Update (7/19/2017) - Livestream Our chicks are almost ready to hatch! The action should start tomorrow, Thursday, July 20th, though it’s possible some chicks may start hatching earlier or later. We’ll have someone here from Drumlin Farm tomorrow at 10:30 am to explain more about the process of hatching, which can take a chick up to 36 hours! Can’t … Continue reading Hatch the Chicks Update
Play With Your Child! (7/18/2017) - Pick a letter from the alphabet and have everyone walk around the house and find items that begin with that letter. For example, if you pick the letter D, you might find a dog and a desk. 
Sing With Your Child! (7/11/2017) - Attend free and local concerts and performances. 
Write With Your Child! (6/27/2017) - Have blank books available for children to draw and write their own stories.
Read With Your Child! (6/20/2017) - Check out Storytimes on Chelmsford Telemedia (Comcast Channel 22 or Verizon Channel 36)
Talk With Your Child! (6/13/2017) - Talk with your child while grocery shopping. Talk about what you need to buy and what items you are looking for.  Use this time together in the store to talk to each other.
Play With Your Child! (6/6/2017) - Provide toys that represent the characters in a favorite book to act out or to extend the story in imaginative play.
Sing With Your Child! (5/30/2017) - While singing a rhyming song, stop before the rhyming word and allow your child to sing the word. For example “Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you__________.”
Updates from the Children’s Room (5/26/2017) - Programming Hiatus No storytimes in June?! Why such a long break? 🙁 We hear you, friends! The break between spring and summer storytimes is really long, but fear not! We have some really fun children’s programs coming up in June and our storytimes will begin again in July, which will be here before you know … Continue reading Updates from the Children’s Room
Write With Your Child! (5/23/2017) -  When your child presents you with a piece of work with “scribbles,” ask him or her what it says.
Read With Your Child! (5/16/2017) - Read books with your child that have rhyme, rhythm, and predictable text.
Talk With Your Child! (5/9/2017) - Talk to and with your child during the day.  Talk in the car, while waiting in line, during meals, while doing chores, etc.
Play With Your Child! (5/2/2017) - Make up a game to go with a book. For example, after reading an alphabet book, go for a walk to find different letters in nature. 
Reading Roundup (4/28/2017) - Baby Storytime Toddler Storytime     Preschool Storytime     Yoga Storytime   Early Literacy Tips of the Week Talk – Take advantage of the nice weather together: take a nature walk and talk about all the things you see. Use descriptive words to talk about the weather, the sights and sounds, the colors, everything around … Continue reading Reading Roundup
Sing With Your Child! (4/25/2017) - Turn a frustrating moment into a song. For example, “Pick your socks up off the floor.  Put them in the hamper by the door!”
The Library is Getting a New Catalog! (4/22/2017) -   Our new catalog is now live! Check it out at! Remember that all user account PINs have been reset to the last 4 digits of the phone number on file. Now that it’s up, we will be checking in all the materials returned these past few days! Please bear with us as we … Continue reading The Library is Getting a New Catalog!