Library Resources

AtoZ Food America

A to Z Food America – Little Dixie Regional Libraries AtoZ World Food is a United States focused database with recipes and food culture from all 50 states. It also includes historical recipes and information about regional cuisines.

AtoZ Maps Online

Digital Information Products for Libraries | World Trade PressAtoZ Maps Online provides a wide variety of city, state, and country maps – both current and historical. You can find climate, ecology, and topographic maps. There are historical maps and maps about empires and exploration. It even includes a section about world flags!

AtoZ World Food

AtoZ World Food and Food America - Plainfield-Guilford Township Public LibraryRecipes and food culture from around the world. AtoZ World Food covers the cuisine of more than 200 different countries, including beverages!

Chelmsford Library How-To Afternoons Series

Series of programs focused on learning a new skill or talent, such as bike repair, playing the ukulele, and more – see the notes, videos, photos, and other resources from each program.


Learn a new skill or hobby with 1,000+ award-winning art & craft video classes, taught by recognized design experts and artists. You can also see a list of project videos before logging in.

Learn It Live

A Social Learning Platform for Wellness and Personal Development. Find and interact with top authors, experts, and teachers in expert-led programs covering cooking, nutrition, child care, financial wellness, fitness, yoga, mindfulness, stress reduction, and much more!

Method Test Prep

A comprehensive self-paced ACT and SAT test prep program. Designed to work seamlessly with students’ unique learning styles and busy schedules, Method Test Prep includes helpful diagnostic evaluations, lessons, quizzes, and full-length exams.

Niche Academy

Tutorials created by staff in Chelmsford and libraries across the country, focusing on technology and research topics. Click into any tutorial for a step-by-step guide, with text, graphic, and video instructions, on topics such as using Microsoft Word, using Instragram, researching your family’s genealogy, buying a new computer, and more. We also take suggestions for new tutorials!

Research Companion

A great resource for getting started with or organizing research. Provides self-paced tutorials to learn how to Find Information, Evaluate Information, and Use Information, although with specific tools (such as a citation builder) to help along the way with a student’s project.

Rocket Languages

Presents a multi-faceted method (video, audio, games, quizzes, etc) for learning conversational language skills, including grammar and culture lessons, with both online and downloadable learning options. Languages include: French, German, Italian, Spanish (Latin American), Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, English (from Spanish), American Sign Language.


Additional Online Resources

  • Chelmsford Community Education – A variety of classes offered for all ages. Registration fees may apply.
  • ESL Resources for Chelmsford Patrons – courses or other information for learning English as a speaker of another language
  • Open Culture – This website is a hub for digital education, with links to thousands of online courses, free movies, free audiobooks, and free textbooks
  • edX – This nonprofit, open source platform offers free online courses from college and university partners
  • Khan Academy – Primarily video based, free lessons on a variety of subjects
  • MIT Open Courseware – Access to hundreds of MIT courses for free, including access to recorded lectures, course materials, and some textbooks
  • DMV-Practice-Test: Free practice tests for every state (including Massachusetts. Please Note: dmv-practice-test is not affiliated with or evaluated by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The official RMV Driver’s Manual is available on their website, along with additional driver’s education information.
  • MA Permit Practice – Free RMV permit practice tests, including 11 car practice tests, 6 motorcycle practice tests, 3 CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) practice tests, 3 online driver’s manuals (car, motorcycle, CDL), and an FAQ section with detailed answers to 100+ DMV-related questions. Please Note: is not affiliated with or evaluated by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The official RMV Driver’s Manual is available on their website, along with additional driver’s education information.