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  • Crime! Mysteries! Thrillers! Display (12/2/2023) -   Loads of people like to read mysteries, crime novels, and thrillers, but do you know the differences between them?  Mysteries follow clues to reveal the person who committed a crime.  They can be standalone or part of a series.  Dorothy Sayers is a classic example of a mystery writer with a long-running series in … Continue reading Crime! Mysteries! Thrillers! Display
  • November 2023 Book Brunch (11/20/2023) -                       November’s Book Brunch was amazing!  Jill and Julie each brought 15 books to discuss–that’s 30 new releases to add to your TBR pile!  Attendees shared an additional 20 titles that they’ve recently read and liked.  We chatted about books and enjoyed coffee and yummy … Continue reading November 2023 Book Brunch
  • “Fiction for Food Lovers” Display (11/19/2023) -   This is the time of year when food is a big part of our conversations and preparations–we’re talking about big meals we’re planning, we’re preparing what we’ll serve, we dream about our favorite holiday dishes.  What better way to celebrate our love of food then with some food-themed reading that AREN’T cookbooks.  These titles … Continue reading “Fiction for Food Lovers” Display