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  • Join us for Book Tastings! (4/19/2019)- Have recent recommendations left a bad taste in your mouth? Looking for a new book to devour? Join us for a book tasting! We’re curating a delectable selection of new fiction to pique your appetite, from all genres so we’re certain you won’t leave hungry for new book to read. Sample each title, chat with … Continue reading Join us for Book Tastings!
  • We’re Mad for March at the Library! (3/21/2019)- Join us for Library March Madness: help us decide the best book of the last decade! Vote on Facebook or Twitter every other day as we pit popular bestsellers against literary darlings to determine the ultimate champion! Round 2, Elite 8! Vote through 3/28/19 (Cast your vote on our Facebook or Twitter Page):
  • Bibliobites in February: Still Smitten? (3/12/2019)- Long-time blogger Deb Perelman has been on our group’s radar before– way back in March of 2014, we reviewed her first cookbook, 2012’s bestseller The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.  Five years later, we checked out her latest effort, Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites. We enjoyed that first book– but this time around, were … Continue reading Bibliobites in February: Still Smitten?
  • Bibliobites in January: We Heart Lidia (2/12/2019)- The multi-faceted and multi-talented Lidia Bastianich never ceases to amaze.  With six restaurants to her name (some in partnership with son Joe); five outposts of the Italian mega-market, Eataly; numerous PBS television series; at least fifteen cookbooks; and a vineyard in Italy, only one conclusion is possible: the woman must not sleep.  Ever.  This month’s … Continue reading Bibliobites in January: We Heart Lidia