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  • Fall in love with these titles, on the shelf right now! (10/1/2019) - Now that school has started and the daylight is becoming scarce, who can possibly think about pausing to browse for a new book to read? If you have only five minutes between school and soccer practice, stop in for one of these guaranteed great reads on display by the circulation desk.  
  • What should you read next? Ask us! (9/20/2019) - Over the summer, as part of our Summer Reading Bingo Challenge, we asked readers to try out our BookWise service. We’ve just finished answering a few requests, and I thought I’d share the results so far. How did we do? Let us know, or try the service for yourself! Person 1: Liked: Number one Chinese … Continue reading What should you read next? Ask us!
  • New Midsummer Reads (7/25/2019) - Last Friday, Lisa and Jess presented a whole new list of great books from a wide array of genres. If you couldn’t make it, the books we talked about are below, and don’t miss our next live presentation on October 18!  
  • Get your summer books here! (6/28/2019) - OK, you’re looking at some time off, maybe even a whole week, at a lake or the beach or your own back deck. This is the perfect opportunity to attack that growing TBR pile. But wait, recent bestsellers, the latest by your favorite author, and the three recommended by your sister-in-law are checked out – … Continue reading Get your summer books here!