BookWise: Virtual Reading Suggestions

Our BookWise library staff would love to help you find your next book! Read on to find out about all of the great ways to connect with us and find something great!

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We understand it’s hard not being able to browse the shelves, so we have created a virtual request form! Simply provide your account number and answer a few quick questions, and we’ll have 3-5 items ready and waiting for pick-up.


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Our BookWise Librarians: Call or email!

Contact any of the staff below based on their reading interests and we will be happy to create a customized list of suggestions for you.

Vickie Turcotte – 978-256-5521 x1106

Vickie reads more non-fiction than fiction, in a variety of subjects including true crime, science, UFOs and the unexplained, crafts and decorating.  Leading a book group for the Library has widened her fiction reading, but she prefers books with a happy ending, and she particularly likes a good regency romance.

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Jessica FitzHanso – 978-256-5521 x1115

Jessica reads books that offer a new perspective, including experimental fiction, “international” fiction, dystopian, magical realism, short fiction, travel writing, graphic novels and memoir, as well as contemporary literary fiction. She reads for the immersive quality of the writing and storytelling and the potential not only for escape, but also for a reevaluation of reality. These qualities follow through in her taste in film, which includes science fiction, foreign films, classic and contemporary noir, westerns, and emerging styles. Her music tastes run the gamut from blues to jazz to contemporary indie and experimental artists.

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Jill Kenny – 978-256-5521

Jill loves a good book.  She loves to read, talk about books, draw what books she’s read and hear what others are reading. When she’s not reading, she is traveling with her family, spending time with her friends, working on various house projects, snuggling with her dog, hiking/walking in the woods or watching her son’s soccer games.

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Jeff Hartman – 978-256-5521 x1109

Jeff loves reading many different genres, but particularly likes science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, mysteries, and nonfiction that touches on American or medieval European history. He prefers to read authors who create complicated nuanced characters and worlds that teach us something about ourselves and our relationship to the people around us. Jeff is also a movie buff and will watch anything from superhero films to romantic comedies to period dramas as long as they’re well written. For music, he enjoys contemporary indie rock, 80s new wave and metal, and showtunes.

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