We offer proctoring for anyone needing to take a test or exam, whether for school, employment, or personal enrichment. The proctoring coordinator is Jianna Christopher. Schools or new students with questions can direct them to or 978-256-5521 x1107.

  • There is no charge for exam proctoring.
  • Exams may be taken at any time the library is open and any member of our reference staff may proctor an exam.
  • We are not able to provide close monitoring and staff will not be in the room at all times with the student.
  • Students use one of our enclosed study rooms for their exam, which have a glass wall. Students may be observed by staff periodically throughout the exam. Our study rooms are not soundproof, but the door may be closed to minimize distractions.
  • We have internet access and public laptops available for students to use if necessary. However, we are unable to download software to our public machines. If this is a requirement, students must provide their own device.
  • Staff have access to a fax machine or scanner for returning exams. There is no charge for these services.

Complete contact information for proctoring is:

Jianna Christopher
Reference Department
Chelmsford Public Library
25 Boston Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
978-256-5521 x1107

For additional information, or to schedule exam proctoring, please contact us at the information above.