Resources for Seniors

The Chelmsford Library is happy to cater to the needs of our senior patrons. Please contact us at 978-256-5521 to let us know how we can help!

Library Resources for Seniors

We offer a great deal of materials, resources, programs, and services for our senior patrons, from large print books to home delivery to activities with grandkids.

Tech Support for Seniors

Technology is always changing, and our Reference Staff is happy to help keep you up to date! We answer simple questions when you get stuck, schedule full training classes, and offer talks on the latest topics.

General Services for Seniors

This list of Federal, State, and local services and resources for seniors has been compiled by Library staff to put useful links all in one place.

Chelmsford Age-Friendly Initiative

Did you know that Chelmsford is designated an Age-Friendly Community by AARP? Read all about it here.

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