Friday Fiction/ Book Brunch

Book Brunch (Formerly known as Friday Fiction) is more of a book share than a book group. Every other month, Julie and Jill give brief reviews of recent and recommended titles to the group, and then ask the members to share what they have been reading too. Meetings often have a seasonal theme, but there is always something for everyone.

We will now be meeting in the fireplace room, in person, with snacks.

Contact Jill Kenny  (978-256-5521 x1114) if you have any questions.

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Please note: Register for a spot in person so we can set up the room.

Previous Friday Fiction Lists

  • Book Brunch – March Madness 2024 (3/20/2024) - March Madness is in the air, whether you are into college basketball or reading! Last Friday, Julie and I shared many, many books with our book brunch friends.  We usually share up to 10 new books each, but I added the “madness” this month by adding 3-4 read-alikes for each book we highlighted.  This seemed … Continue reading Book Brunch – March Madness 2024
  • Book Brunch January 2024 (1/24/2024) - A new year welcomed a new format for Book Brunch – in-person only in the fireplace room.  There was coffee, delicious snacks and lots of books shared.  Julie and I shared 10 books each and then heard from others what they have read recently, to create a nice list to start off the year with.  … Continue reading Book Brunch January 2024
  • November 2023 Book Brunch (11/20/2023) -               November’s Book Brunch was amazing!  Jill and Julie each brought 15 books to discuss–that’s 30 new releases to add to your TBR pile!  Attendees shared an additional 20 titles that they’ve recently read and liked.  We chatted about books and enjoyed coffee and yummy baked goods.  It was … Continue reading November 2023 Book Brunch
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