New StoryWalk!

Sleepover with Beatrice and Bear

Our winter Story Walk story has been installed up at Sunny Meadow Farm in South Chelmsford.  Dress warmly and wear some boots as you walk along a nature path and read the story.  Stop at 19 different stakes and read another page together. This is an opportunity to get outside, get a little physical activity and read a story.  At the end you get to link to our electronic guestbook and share your thoughts about your adventure.

The current story is called Sleepover with Beatrice and Bear by Monica Carnesi. In this delightful story of friendship, creativity, the changing of seasons and making the best of circumstances, you will meet Beatrice the bunny and their friend Bear. Bear is getting ready to hibernate for the winter and Beatrice wants to hibernate with Bear. A lovely story ensues that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Read the story one page at a time as you walk along a simple trail. This is a fun family literacy activity that is great for all ages.

The Story Walk is located along a trail around the Community Garden located at Sunny Meadow Farm.  It is near 158 Robin Hill Road in South Chelmsford.