Look What’s Growing at MacKay!

Exciting things are happening in the garden at the MacKay Library! Cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, kale, and basil were all ripe and ready for sampling at today’s storytime. We also picked a golden delicious apple from our apple tree, but it’s a little too early in the year for the apples to be ready to eat. It’s a good thing we took this photo before the kids at storytime ate everything up. It was delicious!


Books for Preschoolers on Wednesday, July 22

This morning’s storytime at the main library featured four books about picnics. Don’t forget to join us this summer for a real picnic every week at our MacKay branch in North Chelmsford. The picnic storytime at MacKay takes place every Friday at 11:30 in the garden outside the library. Here are the picnic stories we read this morning:

Image of item      Image of item   Image of item