#1 Enjoy books

My previous post spoke of 6 skills to ENABLE your child to read.

The first skill is to Enjoy booksWe-Love-Reading
I hope you love to read to children.
I hope you use lots of expressions in your voice.
I hope you take time with the pictures.
Your excitement is contagious.

Take your child many places.  It’s easier to listen to a book about animals if you have been around animals.

Come to storytime at the Chelmsford Library.

If you live in Chelmsford, we have a storytime program on Chelmsford Telemedia every evening at 7pm.  It is on Comcast 22 or Verizon 36.

See you soon.  ~Maureen


6 Skills that will ENABLE your child to read

I love acronyms.   I like making them up just for fun.


ENABLE is an acronym to help remember there are 6 skills that will help your child learn to read.

Enjoy books.
Notice that letters on the pages stand for words.
Apply sounds to letters
Blend sounds together to make words.
Learn more and more words.
Encourage questions.

We have index cards at the library to remind you of these 6 skills.  It’s a library, so we want everyone to Enjoy Books, of course.  Books are free to borrow for 3 weeks at a time.  Come on in and browse, or ask us about borrowing ebooks.


Caldecott predictions- what will be the best picture book?

Holidays, vacations and no storytimes – all of those add up to no posts for a few weeks.  We’re sorry about that.  Perhaps things were hectic in your life as well, and you didn’t have time to check in with this blog.  In that case, welcome back.

The 2015 Caldecott awards will be announced soon for the best picture books of 2014. Here are some of the front runners for the award this year:

Image of item  This author and illustrator form a magical team.  They have won before, and may win again this year.

Image of itemI must admit that Marla Frazee is one of my favorite illustrators.  She won a Caldecott Honor for the illustrations in All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon.  This year’s book is a wordless one, so Marla is using her art to tell all of the story.

Image of itemAnother wordless book – this time based on Raul Colon’s childhood.

3 books frequently mentioned are biographies.  This is unusual.

Image of itemA biography of Matisse from an author known for chapter books.

Image of itemHow ironic would it be for Lois Ehlert to finally win an award with a book that is about her picture books?

Image of itemA short and simple, but profound, biography of Gandhi told by his grandson.  It’s message of “Live our lives as light” challenges my own beliefs and actions.

Image of itemI bought this book to help children who had recently moved, but it is delightful.  It is so well done, I want to recommend it to all young children.


Image of itemA book about an imaginary friend off in search of a child with a great imagination – terrific concept that is really well done.

I’d like to hear from you.  What were some of your favorite picture books of the year?