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  • moomoocow Toddler Storytime, Friday, February 12 (2/12/2016) - We had a great storytime today, held in the Children’s Room.  All the grownups participated with great energy, singing along, joining in on the hand movements and really helping to make the storytime a great success for everyone!  Thank you. We read this book today, making lots of animal sounds along the way.
  • BabyBellyButton Baby Storytime, 0-12 months, Friday, February 12 (2/12/2016) - A great group of grandparents, fathers, mothers and caregivers gathered together today for Baby Storytime.  Each week everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves and their baby.  Today there was a lot of talk about helping babies to make the transition to eating solid food.  Other caregivers are always a great resource for sharing information … Continue reading Baby Storytime, 0-12 months, Friday, February 12
  • socks PlaySpace at Home: Sock Matching (2/11/2016) - This morning’s PlaySpace was a celebration of the classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon. What we did: One of our activities was a simple sock-matching game that is easy for families to adapt at home. We set out a basket of colorful socks and a clothesline, and encouraged children to compare the colors, patterns, and textures … Continue reading PlaySpace at Home: Sock Matching