Bibliobites in February: Just. Really. Good.

Every now and then our group takes on a title that hits a certain sweet spot: the recipes are familiar enough, but with some unexpected twists; the resulting dishes are high on the flavor meter and low on the effort scale; ingredients are easily located in your favorite supermarket; and most telling, you enjoy the … Continue reading Bibliobites in February: Just. Really. Good.

Genealogy Club

The Chelmsford Genealogy Club is a friendly group of people who share an interest in genealogy. We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month from 7-8:45 pm to hear lectures and share information. The meetings of the Chelmsford Genealogy Club are free and open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to participate … Continue reading Genealogy Club

2.20 Security Camera Policy

Purpose The Town of Chelmsford maintains security cameras inside and outside of Chelmsford Public Library to help ensure the safety of Library patrons and staff. The cameras also serve as a deterrent to theft, vandalism, illegal activities, or violations to the Library’s Appropriate Library Behavior policy in the Library and on Library grounds. Privacy/Confidentiality The … Continue reading 2.20 Security Camera Policy

While You Are Waiting for… Malibu Rising

This Summer’s blockbuster book is Malibu Rising, by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and if it proves to be as entertaining as her previous novels, it should be worth the hold-queue wait. The novel begins by introducing us to the adult Riva children, in the early 1980s, getting ready for a massive bash at their Malibu mansion. … Continue reading While You Are Waiting for… Malibu Rising