#5 and #6 tips to ENABLE your child to read

#5  Learn Words  stop_sign

Help your child learn new words every day.  We build a baby’s vocabulary by saying the names of everyday objects.  Once a child begins to talk, we teach the names of animals and what they say; we teach colors, etc.  The more we speak with children, the more words they will learn.

Talk to your child about many things.  Ask many questions.

question#6 Encourage Questions

Help your child ask and answer questions.  Take guesses about what will happen next.  Was that character serious or just kidding?  Make up a similar story that has a different beginning, middle or end.

Enjoy books.
Notice that letters on the pages stand for words.
Apply sounds to letters.
Blend sounds together to make words.
Learn more and more words.
Encourage questions.

We do these things already.  It’s great to pause and think about the importance of all the small things in life.  And to realize how awesome are the results of all these little things…