Book 2 — 48 Hour Book Challenge

Finished Book 2 (and all my necessary chores/errands for the day) and am about halfway through Book 3.

Here’s the 5 things I loved about Raven Summer by David Almond (a.k.a. Book 2):

1.  Powerful family dynamics, involving supportive parents and an imaginative teen.

2. Beautiful depictions of damaged teens who are never defined by their problems, but presented as complex, multifaceted people.

3.  Fate and foundlings.

4. David Almond’s prose.

5. A fiery, outspoken girl who alters our protagonist’s existence.

Be back soon (I hope) w/ 5 things about Book 3!

~ Tricia is the Teen Services Librarian at CPL and is thoroughly enjoying the 48 Hour Book Challenge.