Books for 4-6 year olds on Tuesday, April 12

Image of itemToday we read one of my all-time favorite stories, about three baby owls who have a bit of a scary night.  Their owl mother is gone and they aren’t sure where she is and when (or if!) she’s coming back; but I’m glad to report the story has a happy ending.  We read this story in big-book format which really let us immerse ourselves in the expressive illustrations.  Everyone was on the edge of their seat until all was   satisfactorily resolved at the end!


Our next story was an older one that was a favorite of my children about 15 years ago!  Unfortunately the book is out of print, and Chelmsford does not own a copy.  Other libraries in our consortium do have it, though, so you can request it through the catalog (click on the book cover to link to the catalog).  It’s a story about a duck who thinks it’s a cat!  As the main character, Mabel, says: “Odd…very odd!”  It was very funny for everyone to see a duck acting like a cat, and though Mabel manages to figure out how to help the duck realize it’s a duck, there’s a twist at the end that had us laughing.  Read the book to find out what surprised Mabel…and us!