Books for preschoolers on Monday, November 3

I concentrated on a color theme with the preschoolers today.

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This original Pete the Cat book is about the color of the cat’s shoes – which are white at the beginning of the story.  He accidentally steps in colorful stuff throughout the book and his shoes turn different colors. “Did Pete cry?  Goodness, no!”
My voice was raspy this morning, so I put on the audio version of the book, which is easily accessible on the publishers website, and we sang along with Pete’s simple song.

Ella Sarah has very definite opinions on what she wants to wear each day.  (I had both an Ella and a Sarah in my group this morning, but I didn’t ask the moms if this were true at their homes.)  Ella Sarah prevails and wears the outfit she picked, which was perfect for that day’s activity. It was very colorful.

Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket has simple text, simple illustrations and a simple color palette – almost all blue.  The blanket is washed in the middle of the book, but all is fine by the end of the story.

Our final book was yuck!  It didn’t follow our color scheme, but it is really fun to read in a group.
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I didn’t mention the first book I read, All the Colors of the Earth.  I chose it as part of the color theme, it celebrates diversity, and because it has a harvest time palette.  Sometimes my literal nature can spoil a story for me, however.  As I was reading the words, I found myself disagreeing with the premise that “Children come in all the colors of the earth and sky and sea.”  If you really want to see blue and green and purple people, I recommend Todd Parr’s books.  🙂   That reminds me, I should read one of his books soon.
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Children 2.5-5 yrs old are great helpers in storytime, so they did a terrific job putting all the different colored feathers on our turkey today.