Books for preschoolers on Monday, October 19

Repetition is so important to young children listening to stories. Many of us get tired of certain books long before our children do, but children have favorites and they want to visit that world every day.

Perhaps one of your child’s favorite picture books is part of a series.  You may get away with reading different books with the same characters.  I try to do that at Storytime.  Last week I read Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson.  This week I read Touch the Brightest Star by the same author.  This week I read Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw, because I want to read Sheep Trick or Treat next week.

We had a very active storytime this morning with the following books:

Image of item   Image of item   Image of item   Image of item  

Can YOU Make a Scary Face? asks children to pretend there is a small bug on their noses, down their shirts, and stuck to them.  Lots of activities are needed to shoo the bug away.
Everyone got a chance to touch the stars.
We had a felt board for Sheep in a Jeep.
If You Plant a Seed is our latest Storywalk book.  It works very well at the Community Gardens location.  It will be up until early November.

Speaking of favorite series….  The Elephant and Piggie series is drawing to a close! The 2nd to last book is
Image of item

It is the 23rd book in this series. Although grownups may be sorry the series will come to an end, children have lots of opportunities to spend time with Gerald and Piggie.