Books for preschoolers on Monday, October 26

Halloween is on Saturday this year.  This was my last storytime before Halloween, so I read books about pumpkins, night time, and trick or treating.

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We read about the sheep last week, when they were having trouble in their jeep.  This time they caused no trouble at all.  In fact they fooled some wolves with their scary costumes.

Dog and Bear is a series of books by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.  This book has 3 very short chapters.  I read all 3.  Each chapter is a self contained story, and they all have surprise endings.

I chose The House in the Night to add a reassuring story about the night.  There are wonderful black and white illustrations that have bright orange highlights of certain objects.  The text is limited to only a few words on each page.

Our final book, What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen, has terrific lift-the-flap pages.  I needed lots of help from the children on this book.  Each flap can be opened in one of two ways.  One way results in a desirable outcome. Lifting it in the opposite direction results in a yucky object.  We had a lot of fun with this.

We will offer a special storytime this Saturday in celebration of Halloween.  The storytime begins at 10:30 with rhymes and a short story.  Then there will be a costume parade on the first floor of the library followed by a snack (no candy).  This is especially designed for children ages 0-6 years old, but older siblings are certainly invited.