Books for Preschoolers on Wed., Dec. 7

Image of itemToday’s storytime had a sweet theme: cookies! We started with Karma Wilson’s The Cow Loves Cookies. While the animals on their farm enjoy eating their daily hay, corn, and slop, the cow loooooves cookies!Image of item

Next we read The Ducklings Gets a Cookie!? by Mo Willems. Poor Pigeon can’t catch a break! Meanwhile, Duckling gets cookies just by asking for them?! A nice twist shows that kindness and generosity can turn a bad mood around!

Image of itemMouse loves cookies, too! And he’s not about to let a burnt batch Image of itemruin his day in Laura Numeroff’s The Best Mouse Cookie.

Next up was Jamie Rix’s The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie, which deals with the classic dilemma: what do you do when there’s only one cookie left?


Image of itemFinally, we ended with Who Put the Cookie in the Cookie Jar? by George Shannon. Instead of questioning who’s emptying the cookie jar, this book shows us how many helping hands go into putting the cookies into the jar!

Thanks for joining me for storytime! We have one more storytime in the Fall session next week. Then we take a break until January 23rd, when the Winter/Spring session begins!