Dads and Donuts, Saturday, December 10

Lots and lots of dads (and moms and grandparents and others) joined us today for a fun and spirited storytime, complete with books, songs and refreshments!

These are the books we read, with the catalog description of each story.  You can click on the picture of each book to see if it is in at the library for you to check out and enjoy.

Image of itemA very small mouse finds a very big chocolate chip, raspberry cream cupcake and must ask for help from his animal friends to get it home–all of whom agree in exchange for a little nibble. (BEWARE: You will definitely want to eat a cupcake when you are done with this story.)

Image of itemA young boy tries to win a goldfish at the carnival and ends up with a far bigger prize.  (With a sweet and lovely ending.)

Image of itemAfter a day of playing, a young dinosaur needs help from Mama at bathtime before being tucked into bed.  (What the catalog description does not tell you is that you will find you and your child laughing on each page!)

Image of itemThree siblings come upon an elephant named Phil and decide to bring him home–and then they have to hide him from their parents. (With a warm and surprising ending!)

Image of item(After a show of hands to see who wished there was snow outside we read this book.  All children raised their hands and not one grownup!)  Animals fall off a speeding sled one by one until only a lonely caribou is left, chasing a giant snowball that has engulfed the falling animals.

Lots of stories, lots of songs, lots of fun at Dads and Donuts!